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1789 Will Book 1 pages 206-207 Hawkins County, Tennessee Philadelphia Grills

Will Book __, Page 206
In the Name of God, Amen.
I Philadelphia Grills being in sound judgement and memory, calling to mind my latter end, being willing to have what little fortune that it hath pleased God of his goodness to bless me with divided in the manner following.

The six negroes that I claim as my right and property, that is Mall and her five children, Launar, George, Walker, Robing, and Silve, my desire is that they be sold and the money divided in the manner as follows, that is:

To my loving husband John Grills my desire would be that he would have the sum of fifteen pounds paid to him yearly by the hands of the Legatee, each paying an equal portion to him out of their part, and the whole amount of the negroes that was the property of the late Philadelphia Grills deceased is to be equally divided between Richard Grills, Ellinar Ingles, Mildred Johnson, Martha McAdow and Elbert Grills.

Said Legatees is each of them to receive their part as soon as sale can be made and the money collected.

Only Mildred Johnson, and her part to be kept in the hands of a trustee to be divided among the heirs of her body at her death.

Only the interest, she ? Mildred Johnson ? is to receive yearly.

And further, I desire that Richard Grills should have the sorrel horse that I the deceased Philadelphia Grills claimed as my property.

And I leave my bay mare to Mildred Johnson and said mare?s colt I leave to Ellinar Ingles.

And to Martha McAdow I leave the black mare.

And said mare?s colt I leave to Elbert Grills.

And I do here appoint and constitute Thomas Ingles, John McAdow and Elbert Grills to be my Executors to put this my last will and Testament into execution, and I do disannul and revoke all wills that hath been heretofore made and I do acknowledge this to be my last will and Testament as witness my hand and seal This 13th day of August, 1789.

Philadelphia Grills (seal)

Signed in presence of:

Jeremiah Chamberlain
James Carmichael

And it is my desire that my husband John Grills have any of the horses that he should make choice of that is mentiont to the aforesaid Legatees in the other part of the will and said horses is to be returned to said Legatees at his death and whos ever lot it is that the said John Grills chooses their horses that is mentiont to them in the aforesaid will each of them is to have the sum of ___five pounds paid out of the estate.

And further, I leave to my son John Grills the sum of twenty five pounds to be paid out of said Estate.

And to my daughter Elizabeth Cox the sum of fifteen pounds, and to my son Elbert Grills I leave the new Bed that I am making up.

And the Bed that I ly on, after the death of his grandfather John Grills, I leave to Washington Johnson.

In witness whereof I the said Philadelphia Grills have to this my last will and Testament set my hand and seal this 12th day of October, 1789.

Philadelphia Grills (seal)

Signed, sealed and delivered by the said Philadelphia Grills as and for her last will and Testament in the presence of us who were present at the signing and sealing thereof.

Jeremiah Chamberlain
Thos Flippere

This Hawkins County Will was transcribed by one of the following volunteers: Audrae Mathis; Gary Fletcher; Betty Mize; Diana Arney; Karen Negron, Kathey Welder.

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Linked toPhiladelphia Elliott or Guthrie or Cox; John Grills, Senior; John Grills, Junior; Martha Grills; Richard Grills; John McAdoo, Junior

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