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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anne Ruby  29 Jun 1882California I5232 Root Tree 
2 Eva B  07 May 1881California I1171 Root Tree 
3 Lorraine A  California I1721 Root Tree 
4 Minnie M  28 Jun 1872California I1132 Root Tree 
5 Alston, Ernest W  @1816California I1580 Root Tree 
6 Alston, Jack L  @1912California I1579 Root Tree 
7 Ator, Charles Raymond  09 Oct 1883California I1263 Root Tree 
8 Barrett, Nathan E  1881California I1719 Root Tree 
9 Beagle, John H  13 Feb 1905California I1727 Root Tree 
10 Beitter, Amelia C  17 Dec 1855California I1174 Root Tree 
11 Beitter, Frances  @1854California I1180 Root Tree 
12 Beitter, Jacob  Jan 1858California I1179 Root Tree 
13 Brown, Clifford O  26 Sep 1898California I3588 Root Tree 
14 Brown, Goldie W  25 Mar 1898California I3586 Root Tree 
15 Brown, Jessie Mae  7 May 1882California I3582 Root Tree 
16 Brown, Pearl  @1895California I3587 Root Tree 
17 Crosby, Albert Moulton  15 Oct 1875California I571 Root Tree 
18 Crosby, Almyra Abba  2 Sep 1899California I1126 Root Tree 
19 Crosby, Charles Sproul  03 Oct 1877California I572 Root Tree 
20 Crosby, Harry E  @1908California I1128 Root Tree 
21 Crosby, Iva May  Feb 1882California I573 Root Tree 
22 Crosby, Jesse Elmer  17 Nov 1866California I568 Root Tree 
23 Crosby, John Boone  10 Oct 1869California I569 Root Tree 
24 Crosby, Lucile Alice  17 Feb 1903California I1127 Root Tree 
25 Crosby, Lyman Everett  01 May 1873California I570 Root Tree 
26 Crosby, Marion Gladys  28 Feb 1898California I1124 Root Tree 
27 Crosby, Mary F  Feb 1898California I1125 Root Tree 
28 Crosby, William H  19 Feb 1859California I567 Root Tree 
29 Dodge, Jeanne A  @1923California I5242 Root Tree 
30 Franklin, Virgie Elchine  28 Dec 1907California I1701 Root Tree 
31 Gillum, Belle  @1879California I1167 Root Tree 
32 Gillum, Ida  @1876California I1166 Root Tree 
33 Gillum, Josephine Jeanette  14 Sep 1860California I1162 Root Tree 
34 Gillum, Rebecca J  @1869California I1164 Root Tree 
35 Gillum, Theodore B  1858California I1161 Root Tree 
36 Harms, Douglas  @1917California I1723 Root Tree 
37 Harms, James W  @1915California I1722 Root Tree 
38 Hinkson, Hattie E  30 Oct 1876California I1184 Root Tree 
39 Hinkson, Henry B  @1879California I1185 Root Tree 
40 Hinkson, Lucy Amelia  06 Dec 1873California I1183 Root Tree 
41 Hinkson, Mary F  @1872California I1182 Root Tree 
42 House, Douglass M  20 Feb 1923California I4655 Root Tree 
43 House, Norman  @1932California I4656 Root Tree 
44 Huntley, Edith E  Jan 1876California I1121 Root Tree 
45 Huntley, Elmer R  @1901California I1136 Root Tree 
46 Huntley, Georgie E  @1902California I1137 Root Tree 
47 Huntley, Hattie G  @1865California I1117 Root Tree 
48 Huntley, Hattie N  @1903California I1138 Root Tree 
49 Huntley, Jesse Horace  01 Apr 1873California I1120 Root Tree 
50 Huntley, Jesse M  @1905California I1139 Root Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brown, Aurey  1909California I655 Root Tree 
2 Brown, Louisa Jane  22 Dec 1907California I660 Root Tree 
3 Huntley, Edwin Everett  26 Mar 1921California I1133 Root Tree 
4 Ketcham, Donald R  03 Apr 2009California I1130 Root Tree 
5 McMullin, Jane  1853California I525 Root Tree 
6 Munro, Loretta Catherine  1926California I4489 Root Tree 
7 Nash, Nancy Hepsobah  California I1566 Root Tree 
8 Riddle, Homer Thomas  9 Mar 1929California I3599 Root Tree 
9 Scates, Benjamin Franklin  California I1588 Root Tree 
10 Streig, Minnie  12 Sep 1974California I1686 Root Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 McMullin, Jane  California I525 Root Tree 
2 Wagoner, Josephine Hazel  California I140 Root Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    GRAD    Person ID   Tree 
1 Biles, Colonel Martin Broomall  California I1373 Root Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    SSN    Person ID   Tree 
1 Harms, James Robert  31 Dec 1966California I1714 Root Tree 
2 James, Varina  15 Jul 1967California I103 Root Tree 
3 Ketcham, Donald R  03 Apr 2009California I1130 Root Tree 
4 Krebs, Sharon Ann  02 Jun 1998California I1676 Root Tree 
5 McManus, Alfred Barry  26 Dec 1978California I1681 Root Tree 
6 McManus, John Earl  12 Aug 1963California I1609 Root Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Crosby / Brown  @1858California F55 Root Tree 
2 Richardson / Latus  1878California F610 Root Tree 
3 Suddath / Mendes  California F248 Root Tree 
4 Vaughn / Polander  16 Oct 1899California F588 Root Tree