North Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Elizabeth  North Carolina I4833 Root Tree 
2 Elizabeth  @1808North Carolina I543 Root Tree 
3 Aldridge, Sarah  18 Apr 1821North Carolina I6083 Root Tree 
4 Ashcraft, James Wilson  @ 1833North Carolina I5923 Root Tree 
5 Ashcraft, John M  @ 1839North Carolina I5924 Root Tree 
6 Bryant, Nancy  2 Dec 1813North Carolina I531 Root Tree 
7 Buckhannan  North Carolina I1407 Root Tree 
8 Caraway, Willis B  @1796North Carolina I3834 Root Tree 
9 Chadwell, Mary  29 Jul 1815North Carolina I6088 Root Tree 
10 Clemmons, Susannah  @1800North Carolina I3835 Root Tree 
11 Denney, Mary  02 Feb 1773North Carolina I454 Root Tree 
12 Denny, George Senior  10 Sep 1774North Carolina I5657 Root Tree 
13 Drake, Moore  North Carolina I1406 Root Tree 
14 Francis, James  North Carolina I3331 Root Tree 
15 Gordon, Samuel Junior  10 Oct 1769North Carolina I2108 Root Tree 
16 Graves, George  1785North Carolina I5067 Root Tree 
17 Graves, John G  29 Feb 1780North Carolina I5793 Root Tree 
18 Grills, John Senior  @1725North Carolina I484 Root Tree 
19 Hall, Elizabeth B  1815North Carolina I535 Root Tree 
20 Hargrove, Henry  North Carolina I4832 Root Tree 
21 Harris, Sherwood Junior  1762North Carolina I4754 Root Tree 
22 Herron, Rachel  10 Jan 1770North Carolina I2111 Root Tree 
23 Hill, Colonel John Royal  1802North Carolina I2065 Root Tree 
24 Howard, Lucy Eager  14 Jan 1750North Carolina I548 Root Tree 
25 Hutcheson, Lucinda  1798North Carolina I2579 Root Tree 
26 Jenkins, Jane  08 Dec 1825North Carolina I1465 Root Tree 
27 Kennedy, Mary  06 Dec 1771North Carolina I2090 Root Tree 
28 Kenner, Elizabeth  1775North Carolina I5866 Root Tree 
29 League, Dabney Morris  North Carolina I975 Root Tree 
30 Marsh, Shelby B  12 Nov 1807North Carolina I252 Root Tree 
31 Marsh, Simeon  @1784North Carolina I196 Root Tree 
32 Marsh, William  @1811North Carolina I452 Root Tree 
33 McLester, Harriet  03 Feb 1813North Carolina I1190 Root Tree 
34 McNair, Daniel  @1781North Carolina I4888 Root Tree 
35 Murray, Sobrina  @1804North Carolina I278 Root Tree 
36 Norman, Elizabeth  @1820North Carolina I3688 Root Tree 
37 Pace, Andrew Jackson  @1828North Carolina I1280 Root Tree 
38 Pace, William B F  @1829North Carolina I1279 Root Tree 
39 Phelps/Felts, Cader  @1760North Carolina I76 Root Tree 
40 Record, James Carroll  @1797North Carolina I2064 Root Tree 
41 Record, John W Junior  @1790North Carolina I593 Root Tree 
42 Strother, John  1781North Carolina I5344 Root Tree 
43 Suddath, Benjamin F III  @1810North Carolina I3687 Root Tree 
44 Suddath, John Lewis Senior  1805North Carolina I192 Root Tree 
45 Suddath, John W  @1823North Carolina I3718 Root Tree 
46 Vanderburg, Frances Marion  18 Mar 1844North Carolina I3814 Root Tree 
47 Waggoner, Joseph  c 1765North Carolina I6151 Root Tree 
48 Washburn, John Wesley  20 Feb 1863North Carolina I3313 Root Tree 
49 Williamson, Isaac K  1828North Carolina I3399 Root Tree 
50 York, William  Oct 1852North Carolina I2959 Root Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Denney, George E  Nov 1792North Carolina I457 Root Tree 
2 Gordon, Evander  1812North Carolina I2106 Root Tree 
3 Harris, Sherwood Junior  1820North Carolina I4754 Root Tree 
4 Marsh, Simeon  1810North Carolina I268 Root Tree 
5 Moore, Sarah  North Carolina I5655 Root Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    GRAD    Person ID   Tree 
1 Biles, Colonel Martin Broomall  North Carolina I1373 Root Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    WILL    Person ID   Tree 
1 Grills, Richard  1 Feb 1719/20 - 4 Apr 1720North Carolina I5738 Root Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Denny / Allison  1770/1771North Carolina F162 Root Tree