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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1   Virginia I503 Root Tree 
2 Catherine  @1802Virginia I3716 Root Tree 
3 Mary  Jan 1830Virginia I1544 Root Tree 
4 Nancy  1800Virginia I1024 Root Tree 
5 Nancy H  1789Virginia I495 Root Tree 
6 Rebecca  @1786Virginia I537 Root Tree 
7 Alley, Isom P  1803Virginia I5817 Root Tree 
8 Bacon, Mary E  Oct 1851Virginia I4004 Root Tree 
9 Beadle, Mary  1768Virginia I970 Root Tree 
10 Brady, Charles Anderson  1750Virginia I408 Root Tree 
11 Brady/Anderson, William Anderson  13 Jan 1779Virginia I406 Root Tree 
12 Burnside, Mary Ann  1803Virginia I1145 Root Tree 
13 Carleton, Elizabeth  20 Jan 1773Virginia I407 Root Tree 
14 Center, Milton  @1760Virginia I448 Root Tree 
15 Chitwood, Josiah  Virginia I5849 Root Tree 
16 Collins, Ballard Thomas  9 Jun 1843Virginia I1717 Root Tree 
17 Collins, Hezekiah  1810Virginia I275 Root Tree 
18 Collins, James M  Jan 1841Virginia I1732 Root Tree 
19 Collins, Mary V  1846Virginia I1733 Root Tree 
20 Collins, William A  1838Virginia I1736 Root Tree 
21 Culp, Sophia C  @1805Virginia I5340 Root Tree 
22 Dillard, F W  @1832Virginia I3396 Root Tree 
23 Doak, Caroline  Oct 1825Virginia I2583 Root Tree 
24 Elrod, James  Between 1775 & 1780Virginia I3617 Root Tree 
25 Fauber, William Andrew  10 Feb 1855Virginia I1649 Root Tree 
26 Faulkner, Margaret  1799Virginia I5898 Root Tree 
27 Foster, Elizabeth Ann  02 Mar 1827Virginia I310 Root Tree 
28 Foster, George R  20 Apr 1822Virginia I304 Root Tree 
29 Foster, Mary Vasser  18 Jul 1825Virginia I306 Root Tree 
30 Foster, Meriwether Cafayette  03 Dec 1828Virginia I42 Root Tree 
31 Foster, William Epps  20 Jan 1824Virginia I305 Root Tree 
32 Gordon, Robert D  14 Feb 1763Virginia I2089 Root Tree 
33 Green, Jane  1690Virginia I434 Root Tree 
34 Grills, William  @1795Virginia I5755 Root Tree 
35 Harris, Charles  @1807Virginia I3828 Root Tree 
36 Havely, Charles  Virginia I4202 Root Tree 
37 Hoops, Jane  1821Virginia I5485 Root Tree 
38 Howson, Hannah  1677Virginia I6200 Root Tree 
39 Jones, Doctor Kennon  @1819Virginia I1856 Root Tree 
40 Knight, Thomas A  Virginia I3946 Root Tree 
41 Lawler, Nancy  1762Virginia I5347 Root Tree 
42 League, Cynthia  1794Virginia I5323 Root Tree 
43 League, Elizabeth  1757Virginia I112 Root Tree 
44 Lewis, James  @1804Virginia I875 Root Tree 
45 Logue, Samuel H  1732Virginia I3634 Root Tree 
46 Luttrell, William  1779Virginia I494 Root Tree 
47 McCarty, James H  @1809Virginia I4725 Root Tree 
48 McGee, John Alexander  30 Jan 1757Virginia I347 Root Tree 
49 Milton, Jane  8 Jun 1784Virginia I5796 Root Tree 
50 Norman, Frances  @1800Virginia I3715 Root Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Harris, Thomas  C 1649Virginia I5819 Root Tree 
2 Hoare, Adria  by 1636Virginia I5820 Root Tree 
3 Howson, Hannah  May 1712Virginia I6200 Root Tree 
4 Lawler, John Eugene  Virginia I5350 Root Tree 
5 Richardson, Sarah  09 Aug 1814Virginia I421 Root Tree 
6 Waggener, John  12 Feb 1716Virginia I5600 Root Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hoare, Adria  Virginia I5820 Root Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    MILITARY    Person ID   Tree 
1 Foster, Epps  Mar 1813Virginia I109 Root Tree 
2 Ligon, Colonel Thomas III  1656Virginia I5743 Root Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Brady / Good  Virginia F143 Root Tree 
2 Hunt / Whitlock  1728Virginia F148 Root Tree 
3 Luttrell / Witt  1774Virginia F185 Root Tree 
4 Senter / Stevens  @1748Virginia F161 Root Tree 
5 Sharp / Graves  1789Virginia F2049 Root Tree